How to resolve conflict in marriage

How to resolve conflict in marriage

Potentially, conflict can cause the relationship to lack joy. Our incapacity to settle disputes is what causes unhappiness in the relationship. Conflict is expected when we are in a certain type of relationship because we live from an individual perspective; we will not always agree on everything.

How to resolve conflict in marriage

Why does Conflict Arise?

The ego is the enemy of harmony. When both parties want to be seen as proper and sensible, conflict arises. Their ego won’t let them appear ignorant or incompetent.

People believe that their safety is dependent on their ability to control others. When there is a conflict, people have a tendency to make the other person look bad in order to make themselves look justified and reasonable.

The primary source of conflict is a lack of understanding and awareness. It takes courage to be open, vulnerable, and soft; everything in our screaming rigid, closed, and defensive.

We must choose Love over our Egos!

How to Resolve Conflict Within a Relationship

1. Awareness is the Key

When looking for solutions to problems and fights, the first step should be awareness and acceptance. Many people deny their problems in order to avoid conflict, which increases the friction in a relationship. Accepting disagreement and being aware of its root cause can solve half of the problem.

2. Choose to Understand Instead of Defending

The goal is to ‘understand,’ not to ‘win.’ If both parties enter the conflict with the intention of understanding one another. Then they will both feel seen, heard, and understood. If anyone believes they are correct, they will become defensive. Everyone has a valid point of view. Poor communication and misunderstanding are always the root causes of conflict.

3. Be Aware of How to Deal with Negative Emotions

Understand the feelings of the other person. Consider the other person’s feelings by acknowledging their importance and validity. To comprehend the other person’s feelings, empathically listen to their emotions. Recognize and affirm their emotions. The greatest course of action would be to let the person fully experience the emotion they are feeling and discover ways to feel better!

4. Commit to a Resolution

If we want a solution, we must be open and honest. The other party involved doesn’t want to settle the issue, which needs to be addressed immediately before continuing, if you feel like no matter what you do, it’s not helping, and you can’t solve this. The facts pertaining to the case must be agreed upon by both sides.

How to resolve conflict in marriage

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