Rebuild broken Relationships

Rebuild broken Relationships

  • How to reconcile relationships
  • Bottom line

How to reconcile relationships?

  • Accept responsibility for your previous errors. Instead, focus on the enormous treasure of forgiveness and your relationship with Allah.

  • Smile. Smiling is a good deed.

  • Perform loving deeds throughout the day.

  • Encourage them and pay attention to their struggles and ambitions.

  • To show your love, use words, physical contact, and loving deeds.

  • Be a person who is calm, kind, and merciful.

Bottom line​

Abud-Dardā رضي الله تعالى عنه said to Umm-ud-Dardā, “If I get angry then seek to please me and if you get angry then I will seek to please you. Because if we don’t do that then how quick will we separate.” [Tārīkh Dimashq, 151/70]

Connect each act of worship to improving your relationships by extrapolating the fundamental character and lesson for each act. You will not only gain the blessings of this lovely month, but you will also, Insha’Allah, rebuild your relationships.


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